How your women power can rekindle intimacy in marriage


 How your women power can rekindle intimacy in marriage

People especially Women get frustrated in their marriage because the intimacy fades or altogether vanishes.

Most women do not realize it that they alone can revitalize the relationship.

They have the power to recreate intimacy.

So what should a woman do to fire up the even have a intimacy level better than earlier

1.Stop complaining

2.Stop criticizing

3.Stop condemning

4.Stop blaming

5.Stop insulting

6.Stop nagging

7.Stop fighting

8.Stop ignoring his needs

9.Be the best friend of your husband

10.Initiate making love

11.Start telling what he does make you feel great

12.Share with him your fantasies

13.Learn the words he wants to hear from you, the pillow talks

14.Start supporting him in his passion pursuits

15.Start appreciating & express your admiration for him

16.Understand his moods, when he is feeling low or feeling stressed, make him relaxed by massaging, cuddling, talking about the good time

17.Go for vacations

18.Give him surprises

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Saturday, 29 February 2020

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