How to Seduce your girlfriend


How to Seduce your girlfriend

Capture her heart & mind by doing the following

  • 1.Find out her preferences, all women are different & their needs, wants & desires also differs
  • 2.Be mysterious & not a open book to her, reveal your cards about your qualities one by one
  • 3.Don't try too hard
  • 4.Don't chase like you are desperate for them
  • 5.Build a curiosity & suspense in their mind to make them thinking about whether this guy likes me or not
  • 6.Make her wonder what's on your mind
  • 7.Get to know her better by knowing her emotional, intellectual, mental, professional, social needs, desires, likes, dislikes & needs
  • 8.Be friendly & warm don't try to hit her very fast
  • 9.Talk to her regularly, learn to talk interesting'
  • 10.Create a great sense of humor & make them laugh
  • 11.Learn to talk double meaning words & witty remarks
  • 12.Don't bore her with too much talking, listen more
  • 13.Give her undivided attention
  • 14.Send naught messages at night when you know she is alone
  • 15.Don't express your true feelings & love for her immediately, let her make that out by your gestures, actions & care
  • 16.Build sexual chemistry by touching her naturally time to time
  • 17.Play challenging games where you challenge her provocatively & mischievously
  • 18.Be always respectful of her dignity
  • 19.Have dirty talk sometimes after building the chemistry
  • 20.Ask her out to innovative date
  • 21.Learn to kiss & kiss her after you have already taken time to kindle her desires
  • 22.By doing a tango that is one step forward & two step backward in your game of teasing escalate her attraction for you
  • 23.Always sound confident of yourself
  • 24.Make her feel so comfortable & happy that she looks forward to next meeting or date


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