How to Prevent Sexless marriages


 How to Prevent Sexless marriages & Why they happens

Ask yourself, Are You Satisfied?

The couples when they grow apart emotionally, physically & mentally, the following takes a back seat and does not happen regularly and if happens, happens only as a ritual or on demand of one partner's need or a must go through motion mindset







7.Love making


9.Admiring, appreciating

You can have a lifelong honeymoon if you want & do the following

1.Evaluate your feelings about your partner

I.What you have stopped doing

II.What you have started doing'

III.What you are doing less of or more off

IV.Where all you are taking your partner for granted

V.How is you communication with each other

VI.Is there a boredom

VII.Is there a medical/physical/situation reason that one of you is not able to satisfy other & the other have lost interest

VIII.Are you both stressed for some reason

IX.Have some psychological issues have surfaced up

X. Have you stopped caring

XI.Is there someone else in either of your lives

XII.Have you two grown so much apart that you may have to separate

2.Then choose a time when there is no outward pressure to engage your partner in the discussion on all above topics

3.This has to be a discussions with guards down. No defending, no excuse, just plain fact finding exercise in an open & relaxed manner

4.If there are psychological & medical issues then seek expert professional help

5.If it is the crisis that is temporarily creating problem then talk it out with each & stand by each other to ride the storm

6.If the relationship has reached a stage that the separation is inevitable, then prepare for amicable separation

7.If the sexless marriage has reached because both of you stopped putting efforts & have started taking the relationship for granted the following tips would help

I.Schedule a personal talk time where only you will talk love & bonding nothing else

II.Go for walk to together

III.Share chores together

IV.Take a small break if cannot go for vacations

V.Tap into each other's unmet physical, emotional & other needs. Then create your own individual commitment & action plan

VI.Create Your own sex rituals by Reading articles in our sex & related sections on how add sizzle & fire to your sex life and take action

VII.Make a resolve to create one of the most romantic life for both of you now onwards, read articles on how to make your life romantic

VIII. Start talking dirty with each other

IX.Start teasing each other, be creative

X.Start creating surprises for each other, be innovative

XI.Exercise Together

XII.Decide about how to make up the lost time in a big way & start enjoying your life

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Saturday, 29 February 2020

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