How to seduce your partner


How to seduce your partner

  • 1.Learn to look with desire
  • 2.Practice smiling your most wonderful smile
  • 3.Wink
  • 4.Roll your eyes giving a subtle message
  • 5.Lick & bite your lower lip
  • 6.Make your breathing as if excited
  • 7.Tease innovatively, constantly evolve new techniques
  • 8.Talk dirty & pillow talk, read my article on this
  • 9.Tell what you want to do with him/her
  • 10.Also tell what you want him/her to do to you
  • 11.Dim the lights
  • 12.Put a light music on
  • 13.Put your most seductive dress
  • 14.Create a new position & make him/her excited about it
  • 15.Make your partner touch & tell him/her how you like to be touched & felt
  • 16.Develop sexual tension by starting & then holding
  • 17.Learn to taunt sexually
  • 18.Get undress in front of Him/her
  • 19.Suddenly start undressing him/her
  • 20.Hold him/her from behind & hug Him/her
  • 21.Lick His/her earlobes
  • 22.Do not wear anything under your dress
  • 23.Suddenly attack him/her
  • 24.Stand naked but move away all the time he/she comes near you
  • 25.Don't throw yourself at him/her time to time
  • 26.Ignore him/her time to time
  • 27.Dance with him/her
  • 28.Wear clothes that show your endowment properly and classically
  • 29.Ask intimate questions to know your partner
  • 30.Show your excitement in his/her company through body language
  • 31.Touch him/her often
  • 32.Cuddle often
  • 33.Show your confidence not your awkwardness
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