How do you deal with a break up


How to handle relationship break-up effectively

Try the following tips

1. Accepting that this relationship is over and it is the best thing that you have done to walk away 

2. Identifying & accepting your part & role in the break-up 

3. Accepting that it would take some time to actually feel the way you were before this relationship 

4. Accepting that there will be triggers that would bring back this person's memory time to time 

5. Accepting that you will feel like crying/weeping time to time, giving yourself liberty doing this 

6. Sharing you grief with your loved ones 

7. Anticipating the mood swings that you may have time to time & creating a support group with whom you can spend time 

8. Coming back to your normal routine as soon as possible 

9. Not suppressing your negative feelings/fighting with your feelings under the misguided notion that the negative feelings makes you weak. 

10. Only stronger people can weep, cry, express & share their innermost feelings and thoughts, so whenever you feel like crying go & weep your heart out 

11. Try to talk your yourself out of the notion that the person may come back in your life, especially if he/she is the person who was responsibility for bad relationship and break-up & you still happen to love him/her 

12. Accepting when you need help of your loved ones & when you need professional help 

13. Accepting how this relationship ending has making you feel better, more liberated, more freedom, feeling free 

14. Accepting how it killed your happiness, growth & confidence level 

15. Finding out how can you use this break-up as a stepping stone to recreate your life, a vigorous life that you always wanted  

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Saturday, 06 March 2021

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