How to have strong & healthy relationship

 How to have strong & healthy relationship

  • 1.Instead of continuing with Dead/Draining/abusive/loveless/Poor Relationships, walk away
  • 2.Some relationships are doomed from the start. The more time you waste dating the wrong person, the less time you have to meet the right one.
  • 3.Create your own personal space for your own growth & also do the same for your partner as Grow Together needs Growing as individuals Separately
  • 4.Don't be lazy by not doing the essentials that makes the relationship rocks. Read others articles in this website & in my other website
  • 5.Love them or Leave Them, it is only matter of time before you head towards the inevitable breakup or extra-marital affairs. The more you delay will just get worse
  • 6.Let Your Partner Know How You Feel, express your feeling through words, actions, gestures
  • 7.Go That Extra Mile to make your relationship sizzle. . Read others articles in this website & in my other website
  • 8.Listen & Understand First and then only make your opinion or judgment
  • 9.Have healthy & positive Competitions, challenges & games
  • 10.Never dwell on proving the other wrong
  • 11.Be Rational And Logical, Understand Your Emotions Before You Act On Them; Reflect
  • 12.Get To Know Your Partner Deeply, by having meaningful conversations, vacations, breaks etc
  • 13.Never Put Your Partner Down & compare them
  • 14.Always honor your commitment
  • 15.Make your sex a new experience of making love every time
  • 16.Be Open & transparent With Your Partner
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Saturday, 29 February 2020

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