How to Attract Healthy Love


How to Attract Healthy Love & Avoid Toxic People

You need to do the following in order to attract healthy love and eliminate avoid toxic partner.

First understand few basics before you begin your journey for finding your true love

  • 1.There is no perfect love
  • 2.If you strive for perfect love both of you to put intense efforts life long
  • 3.The perfect love evolves and most of the people whose love life is great have learn, put efforts & with time made it magical
  • 4.The actual word is therefore Healthy Love
  • 5.Healthy love does not demand, does not put pressure on either of you
  • 6.Heathy love does not suffocate other partner with possessiveness, hoarding all the time & attention and making you focus only on your partner
  • 7.Healthy love actually liberates you
  • 8.Healthy love make you feel good about yourself & life
  • 9.Healthy love makes both of you to grow individually as well as a couple
  • 10.Healthy love is very motivating & inspiring
  • 11.Healthy love cannot be forced on someone
  • 12.If you have to tolerate some behaviors that you don't like, chances are they not only be increase by passing of time & that is a sure sign of unhealthy love or of your partner having a disorder
  • 13.The happiest couple are normally emotionally balanced
  • 14.Both the partners in a happy relationship
  • I.Are assertive
  • II.Have high self-esteem
  • III.Have trust & faith in each other
  • IV.With very strong integrity
  • V.Know or respect each other's boundaries
  • VI.They are comfortable with each other as well as in their own company
  • VII.They have fight rules
  • VIII.They have transparent communications
  • IX.They make time for each other
  • X.They also give space to each other
  • XI.They are always there when the other needs them
  • XII.They make up for their mistakes
  • XIII.They have fun together
  • XIV.They are more like each other's best friend & fully dependable
  • XV.They do not judge other partner
  • XVI.They share chores
  • XVII.They understand each other's mood & respect it
  • XVIII.They forgive each other easily without holding any grudge

Unless you develop the above mindset & ready to commit yourself to doing all above, when you found yourself a reasonable person, then you will see your life full of blissful happiness

But during your search, you will come across dishonest people, sociopaths, Narcissists, alcoholics & drug users, cheaters, emotionally draining & emotionally needy people and persons who are with you for their selfish agenda.

Because these people are very charming they can get you hooked to themselves in no time & once you are hooked to them getting away is very difficult & soon your life will turn into hell

So How to Say No these people with social/emotional/mental issues

  • 1.Please read many articles in this website for recognizing the signs & danger signal
  • 2.Then if you feel uncomfortable with this person & your gut feelings says that you are with wrong person. Get way immediately
  • 3.But if you sometimes getting the feel of unease, the test them on the basis of guiles in other articles
  • 4.If you are not sure then seek professional counselor's help to verify your instinctive feelings
  • 5.Once you are confirmed you have do the following
  • I.Try to break the relationship immediately
  • II.Break all the contact & erase the numbers etc
  • III.Block them on social media
  • IV.If you are not able to break away immediately, then learn to
  • A.Say firm no to their unreasonable, impossible, or simply unwanted requests & pressures
  • B.Set a healthy boundary & stick with it
  • C.Start observing their difficult behavior & learning how to handle these effectively
  • D.Seek help to overcome fear
  • E.You can for legal help if needed & your breaking away results into threats & stalking etc
  • F.Please never believe that they will ever change
  • G.Please never entertain that if you are nice to them, you can change them
  • V.Understand your fear & anxiety of leaving them, like being alone, social taboo, embarrassment, being proven wrong etc
  • VI.Understand what you are looking for in life & whether the life with this person is giving you that. This will support your decision to break free
  • VII.Become financially independent
  • VIII.Never shy away from asking help
  • IX.Put your need first than false ego satisfying thing to be an emotionally/physically/mentally/financially abusive person
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